Cancel the Marathon

In an act of sheer idiocy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided that the New York City Marathon should still be held, despite the fact that the city is struggling to recover from “Superstorm Sandy.” We’re talking about a city where children are dumpster diving for food, but somehow Mayor Bloomberg thinks an event where out of town runners trot through the city while they are handed free bananas, energy bars and water is a good idea?

A marathon, while Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro is pleading for help from the Red Cross and other volunteer organizations. Where are the volunteers? Well, they are descending on New York City for a race that has been described in ordinary times as a “grueling feat of logistics.” It’s an event that requires dozens of medical volunteers to tend to runners and hundreds of police to close roads and direct traffic.

Aren’t these the exact people we want focused on the victims of Sandy?

How can this sporting event possibly be the right thing for the people of New York?